Avoid A Tech Wreck By Choosing Your Investments Wisely


As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, Tempus Nova is at the forefront of technology. Here, the Denver-based IT company offers tech information that small business owners can take advantage of that will bolster their efforts without damaging their bottom line. 


A Well-Designed Digital World

The internet, no doubt, drives our world. And business, especially the way we shop and search for information, is no different. With more than 5.6 billion Google searches every day, much of our lives take place online. As a business owner, you have to take advantage of this digital arena if you want to hold your rightful place in your industry. Because of this, a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and adaptable website is crucial. Although many business owners choose to use a drag and drop (DIY) website builder, these are limited and are rarely as customizable as needed.

Instead of taking on this crucial task, consider investing in a web developer that can handle building your website from the ground up. You can find a freelance web developer online, and many job boards will allow you to search by skill, experience, and professional background.


In The Cloud

Another significant benefit of the internet is the cloud. This is the complex network that allows servers, apps, digital storage, and development tools to be accessible anywhere. Accenture explains that cloud computing will enable companies to scale quickly as their needs change.

The Google Suite is an example of a cloud-based service that offers companies many powerful tools. Most employees are already familiar with Google’s offerings, including Docs and Gmail. Tempus Nova further asserts that the G Suite is a low IT burden with data security and privacy built-in. It is an affordable alternative compared to other similar products, such as Microsoft’s Office 365, and can quickly grow as your business expands.


Managed Inventory

Product-based businesses might see a return by spending money on inventory management software. Many of these services are available via the cloud and can help combat the most common retail issues, including data analytics and operational workflow. Most businesses can benefit from a perpetual inventory system, which provides real-time information. These utilize the power of the technology to determine inventory and forecast future needs and integrate with unique tagging systems to seamlessly keep track of what, where, and how products are moving.


Other Tech Tips

In addition to the above, many businesses will benefit from inclusion, such as:

  • Customer interaction management. This type of software allows business owners to keep up with the way their customers interact. It aggregates everything from live chat and social media to review websites and contact forms. This type of software streamlines the customer service process.
  • HR. Human resources is a very social job, but technology can streamline many of your HR department’s tedious tasks. Using the right platform, your employees can quickly and easily input hours, schedule vacations, and alert managers of upcoming needs. Your software can also schedule pay periods and track performance reviews.
  • SEO. Search engine optimization is how website managers ensure their site is visible on Google, Bing, and other search engines. There are many SEO companies in the US, and each offers digital marketing solutions in a range of prices and capabilities.

Ultimately, all business owners will have to learn to utilize technology to stay ahead in a competitive digital marketplace. As mentioned above, the tech is just a few of the many innovations available to entrepreneurs and business leaders. They are powerful, adaptable, and customizable tools that will enhance every aspect of your operation.

For inspiration, ideas, and solutions that maximize your company’s online performance, connect with Tempus Nova!