Build Apps to Bridge Gaps with App Maker

Did you know… App Maker, Google’s low-code application development environment, is now available to Customers on G Suite for Business, G Suite Enterprise, and G Suite for Education.

App Maker enables organizations to build apps faster and easily build custom apps to enhance business processes and workflows. App Maker offers built-in support for Cloud SQL (GCP account required), offering high performance, scalability and convenience. It also supports a Bring Your Own Database (“BYODB”) model, letting you connect it to your own database using JDBC or a REST API.  

Please join us for a webinar demo on October 11, 2018 at 11am MST.  Please click here to register.

Additionally, Tempus Nova can provide you with App Maker University Video Bootcamp training regularly priced at $750 now offered at $349 for a limited time offer.

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