Colorado Department of Labor and Employment

The State of Colorado is comprised of 22 different state agencies that employ over 33,000 individuals. 

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) and the Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) is responsible to help assists workers who have been injured on the job, ensure fair labor practices, help those who have lost their jobs by providing unemployment benefits, and protect workplaces with safety programs. The State of Colorado and CDLE are tasked with supporting each agency’s mission and enable effective cross-functional IT solutions. CDLE’s specific mission is “Working together to promote a thriving employment environment with opportunity for every Coloradan to prosper.”

Business Problem

The Colorado agencies were operating individually and as distinct entities with their email servers, email platforms, authentication systems, and corporate address books. This decentralized infrastructure created complexity with systems integration and communication, IT planning, and budgeting throughout the state agency and their specific divisions. CDLE was looking for a cloud-based solution to enhance communication and collaboration across their agencies that would also provide cost savings and long term ROI. As the workplace continues to change and new opportunities take the place of older ones that are being left behind, CDLE needed a cloud-based solution that could keep up with the changes.

Tempus Nova Solution

Tempus Nova developed the Employee Quality and Excellence Plan (EQEP) application for CDLE in 2013. EQEP is a human resource performance review application. The previous system was comprised of a series of manual steps that included using Microsoft spreadsheets with macros, Microsoft Word documents, and multiple process steps completed by a number of human resources. As part of the solution, Tempus Nova utilized our proprietary novaLibrary™ and Novus™ cloud framework on Google App Engine. We leveraged Java to recreate the series of manual process steps and created an automated workflow engine. This provided the ability for CDLE supervisors to create employee performance review forms with automated calculations, send email notifications, and generate approval routing. Tempus Nova utilized Google’s cloud data storage and backup, we developed a customizable scoring/weighting process and provided CDLE with the ability to create templates to streamline the performance review process. This functionality reduced human error, manual entry, and the time it previously took to complete performance reviews. EQEP utilizes Google Search APIs to enable users to find information quickly and Google Material Design to make the system intuitive and easy to use. Tempus Nova continues to support CDLE with ongoing support, maintenance for the EQEP system, and enhancements as requested by the agency.


Tempus Nova worked closely with CDLE and agency stakeholders to identify their IT and business requirements, security and compliance requirements, and establish integration points between the state’s legacy systems and Google. Tempus Nova was engaged to provide consulting services to enhance CDLE’s capabilities by utilizing Tempus Nova’s proprietary development library novaLibraryTM to convert the existing Employee Quality and Excellent Plan (EQEP) application and develop it in Google Apps Engine (GAE). Tempus Nova mapped the business processes with application functionality and designed a comprehensive change management strategy to prepare each user for the coming change to enable stakeholders. We delivered training on each application with role-based training for executives, executive assistants, administrators and help desk staff.

To date, Tempus Nova continues to support CDLE with its Google Cloud environment (test and production domains, etc.), cloud initiatives and requirements, and with GCP application development services. The result of these Google platform initiatives has enabled the State of Colorado and many other public and private sector organizations to achieve a rolling return on investment. This provided a path to cost avoidance by eliminating the higher costs of non-Google solutions that performed similar functions.


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