Colorado Office of the Child's Representative

The Colorado Office of the Child’s Representative (OCR) is the state agency mandated to provide competent and effective best interests legal representation to children involved in the Colorado court system. 

 OCR was created by the General Assembly in 2000 to improve representation for Colorado’s most vulnerable children by establishing standards and litigation support, accessible high-quality statewide training, and oversight of the legal process. The OCR oversees attorneys who provide legal representation as guardians ad litem (GAL), counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings, and child legal representatives (CLR).  

Business Problem 

OCR attorneys’ responsibilities are dependent upon the case type in which the attorney is appointed and the role the attorney serves in that case. An attorney appointed as GAL and CLR must independently investigate, make recommendations that are in the best interests of the child, and advocate on that child’s behalf. An attorney appointed as counsel for children in dependency and neglect proceedings provides client-directed representation in contempt, privilege, and other matters as set forth in the court’s appointment order.  The attorneys representing children engaged in multiple types of legal action within the State of CO were operating on an outdated home-grown legacy system (CARES) to record and bill for case activities. The OCR required a custom web-based case management and billing application to be used by independent contractor attorneys to enter case information and to detail billing activities. The OCR was interested in a web-based application with a modern user interface designed to offer greater functionality both to attorneys and the OCR team.   

Tempus Nova Solution

Tempus Nova was awarded the contract to develop the new custom web application (CARES II) for the OCR in 2017.  Our team of GCP Certified Professionals (Cloud Architect & Data Engineer) developed the app hosted on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), written in Java and JavaScript leveraging the Angular framework.  We used Google App Engine to run the application and Google Cloud SQL to store the application’s relational data. Case management documents uploaded into the new system are stored in Google Cloud Storage (i.e., handwritten notes, emails, pleadings, etc.).  We developed the user interface using Google’s Material Design guidelines to provide a familiar, intuitive, and user friendly system. We successfully worked with the OCR to design, develop, and deploy (including UAT) the next generation case management and billing system within a 12 week project timeline.   


We deployed the application in 2018 and have developed a number of Customer-requested enhancements to expand the capabilities of the system. The system has been successfully deployed to and well received by its over 400+ users (independently contracted attorneys and staff) providing services to children in CO.  By developing the new system on GCP with open standards, we have been able to realize efficiencies and ultimate cost savings with making modifications, enhancements and integrations. For example, we developed the functionality to enable users to have enhanced account security through the use of two-factor authentication. We have also successfully implemented the Google Search API to include partial word searches within the Cloud SQL database. The new system has reduced the support and operating costs associated with maintaining an outdated legacy system.  To date, Tempus Nova continues to support CO OCR with its Google Cloud environment (test and production domains, etc.), cloud initiatives and requirements, and with GCP application development services.


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