GAT Airline Ground Support

GAT Airline Ground Support (GATAGS) has been a leading premium airline ground support company for more than 40 years.

 With 48 locations in the U.S. and 23 locations across Canada, they currently employ over 2,200 employees to deliver unsurpassed airline and passenger services. The company specializes in cargo handling, ground aircraft handling, ramp services, and a host of other transportation-related services. GATAGS is tasked with providing its partners with the feel of a private practice along with the benefits and support of a large organization. 

Business Problem   

GATAGS was operating individually and as distinct entities with their email servers, email platforms, authentication systems, and address books. This decentralized infrastructure created complexity with systems integration and communication, patient documentation,  and scheduling across their individual services. GATAGS was interested in a Google App Engine application to connect to the ADP APIs to extract Workers and Time Cards data and make it available to other systems via an API. GATAGS also wanted to enhance communication and collaboration across their locations that would also provide cost savings and long term ROI. 

Tempus Nova Solution

Tempus Nova first worked with GATAGS in January of 2017 to transition and migrate their 1,500 users (400 corporate employees and 1,100 field employees) to G Suite from GoDaddy IMAP.  As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we worked with Google to qualify GATAGS for the then Google EA Promotion that provided them with a $10,000 cost savings. After their four (4) week transition to G Suite was complete, we provided ongoing Business Transformation services and account management, which included implementing Chrome Enterprise into their organization and education GATAGS on the benefits, features, and capabilities of GCP.  To date, we have supported GATAGS with setting up Compute Engine instances to host their instance of Qlik. We also supported them in utilizing their ADP APIs to extract Workers and Time Cards data and making it available to other systems. We also provided demos and proof of concepts on GCP and Google Cloud solutions, such as Google App Maker. App Maker is Google’s low code tool to build applications for business. We currently are supporting a few App Maker projects for an advanced work schedule application and an enrollment application for United Airlines Partner Program.   


Tempus Nova worked closely with GATAGS and agency stakeholders to identify their IT and business requirements, security and compliance requirements, and establish integration points between the state’s legacy systems and Google. Tempus Nova was engaged to provide consulting services to enhance GATAGS capabilities by utilizing Tempus Nova’s proprietary development library novaLibraryTM to convert the existing Employee Quality and Excellent Plan (EQEP) application and develop it in Google Apps Engine (GAE). Tempus Nova also developed the application to have a Python (or Java) backend that ran on App Engine that pulled the list of workers from the GCP ADP Feed and used it to add new employees to the database, to update the employee information of existing employees, and to remove terminated employees from the database. It also generated the inbound (inbound into UAL) FNZ text file based on the specifications provided by UAL (UAL FNZ Overview and Specification v2.3 201407). 

Tempus Nova mapped the business processes with application functionality and designed a comprehensive change management strategy to prepare each user for the coming change to enable stakeholders. To date, Tempus Nova continues to support GATAGS with its Google Cloud environment (test and production domains, etc.), cloud initiatives and requirements, and with GCP application development services. This provided a path to cost avoidance by eliminating the higher costs of non-Google solutions that performed similar functions.


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