How Tech Has Boomed in the Midst of COVID-19

Throughout the ages, we've witnessed the evolution of technology that has been organically pushed to evolve through times of crisis.

 We've seen this before in the cyber security space that was forced to quickly adapt to meet growing threats since the first ransomware attack launched in 1989. 

The coronavirus pandemic has ushered in rapid global change that will shape every society on Earth, forever. Amid rapid employment decline and the decimation of some industries, growth in other sectors has exploded. An abundance of new technologies has come to life because of the need to create an economy where people can buy and sell without transmitting COVID-19 to others. This would include contactless payments, technology tools for remote workers, innovative digital spaces in education, and so much more. 


The Medical Boom

The medical field has been one if not the most highly impacted spaces that the coronavirus pandemic has affected. Telehealth has been tremendously successful in not only the mental health arena but also in primary care. Internet of Things (IoT) technology has made it possible for doctors to track vital signs through wearable devices, and chatbots allow patients to communicate with staff quickly. 

Cutting-edge digital health technology is leading scientific research, data analysis, and also other areas such as contact tracing and surveillance. It's also been a critical part of medical supply-chain management and overall planning and tracking initiatives. In some regions, driverless cars and drones are delivering medical supplies to virus hot spots worldwide. 


Software Advancements

Coronavirus software that performs a variety of COVID-19 related tasks has been quickly pushed to market to help meet ever-expanding needs. Contact tracing software is a leading tool that has been adopted on both a personal and government level around the world. Communication software of all shapes and sizes have also grown in popularity. The business and education space have both been in desperate need of innovative solutions that are intuitive and reliable for daily communication, collaboration, and digital resource centers. 

What people deem as necessary has changed. The high-tech industry, which has led the groundbreaking innovation within Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotics, Machine Learning, and Big Data, is seeking to bypass a potential tech-clash and use modern technology in a way that outmaneuvers the deep uncertainty that has swallowed the world. AI has played an active role in the medical industry by harnessing the power of Machine Learning to evaluate molecules in existing drugs and provide recommendations for COVID-19 clinical trials. AI has also been used to analyze patient care and predict which coronavirus patients may become critically ill through a tool known as Pandemic Exceptionalism.


The Workplace of the Future

Congregating around the water cooler or in the lunchroom will not be happening any time soon. Companies are scrambling to modify workspaces and/or making policies and procedures to support remote teams. Places of business are having to rethink basic office essentials completely and are moving to online faxing services, VoIP systems, video conferencing, digital collaboration/project management tools, and are depending on Cloud technology more than ever before. 

The workplace of the future will be far more functional, which will be a complete reversal of the home-like efforts that we've seen the business world succumb to lately. Lounges and gathering spaces with group games, nap pods, and shared equipment will be disparaged for at least the near future, and many employees may be encouraged to get in and get out. 



The World Wide Web is another critical area that has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Social media and streaming sites have reported exploding growth statistics, and app usage has spiked significantly. The rising tide of the next wave of technological advancement continues to grow, and the world is witnessing again how truly necessity is the mother of all invention.